A Case for the Existence of Elves

When it comes to creating jewelry, I still work pretty slowly.  With so much to learn yet about tools, techniques, materials, etc., etc., it could take me years to get to where I would like to be.  In addition, you wouldn’t believe all the bits and pieces that I drop because my fingers are so durn fumbly, … and the worst part is that I can search for several minutes, with bright light, seeing/knowing the general places these things go, and yet they are nowhere to be found.  Apparently however, this is a common phenomenon for jewelry creators all over the world.  I read about it daily.  Thing is, there must be little ornery elves that cause us to drop these little bits and as soon as they hit the floor, the elves grab them up and cause them to disappear.  I am convinced of this as there should rightfully be a pile of metal and beads and glittering rocks and semi-precious gemstones about ankle high in the studio.

4592d-folktalesfrommanylands_elfpg24_sepia_artistichenAt times these annoying creatures even are so bold as to pilfer pieces that I am working on!  I have found that if I don’t watch carefully, I can put a piece down right on the bench in front of me, and if I am distracted for a moment, the piece will be snatched away.  This happens more often than I care to say.  I have also come to believe that they work with the dastardly devious Palmetto Bug, aka: cockroach, to make their getaways.  The cockroach is famed far and wide for it’s ability to soar off out of reach and dart quickly away into unknown hiding places.

Eventually though, days or weeks later, these ornery elves do tire of their plunder and leave it in some spot where I can’t miss it. This in itself is absolute proof of their existence.

Perhaps it would be wise of me to make chocolate cakes and leave crumbs about for them to gobble up and get fat.  At least that way they will be slowed down and I can catch the little buggers before they can carry out their dastardly deeds!


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