I Can See! I Can See!

I misplaced my glasses.  I have this really really bad habit of misplacing all sorts of things.  I’m pretty sure I have ADHD, and get distracted easily and leave things all over the house all day long.  I think I have lost everything at least once.  Shoes are all over in my house because keeping them on my feet is just not an option.  Glasses are the same …off and on depending on what i am doing and what room I am in.  I bet I have at least 8 p[airs of the cheapos.  This time, I really messed up and vow I will do better from now on.  Really.  …Can there be anything more devastating than not being able to see as well as we’d like?  Barely able to do anything in the studio was painful and lasted over two weeks until I managed to find an old pair of drugstore readers that I was using just before the prescription glasses, so once again I was able to see and create.  …Just in time to get going with the Christmas gift list too!

20161118_091140 20161128_121032

Being able to see again, in just the past three days I have been very busy.  I finished two more pair of earrings, and moving ahead with three necklaces!  Woo-hoo!

20161129_170237 20161130_090504 20161126_084217

The first one on the right is a pendant featuring a cluster of citrine quartz.  So far, the pendant with the rainbow moonstone and opal in the center is my favorite.  I love anything with a rainbow of beautiful colors in it.  The pendant on the right is a clear quartz cluster that is so fragile and tiny that it needed protection …like a cage.  I found a fabulous tutorial by Cathy Spivey Mendola called Cage Your Trinkets and Treasures.  It’s excellent and a lot of fun.






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